A toothache or broken tooth seems to occur at the most inopportune time. However, at Quest Dental we are always one call away for any emergency need you have. Whether it's a toothache keeping you up at night, a broken tooth, a lost filling, or a whole tooth got knocked out, the team at Quest Dental have the ability to diagnose the problem and find a timely solution.


A painful tooth is an obvious dental emergency and should not be ignored. Whether the tooth is triggered by hot & cold drinks, chewing, or is spontaneously painful, it is advised to make an appointment as soon as possible. Many painful dental problems are due to infection of the teeth and gums by bacteria. Infections can spread to other regions of the head and neck causing serious health complications and can even be life threatening in rare cases. The sooner an infection is addressed, the easier it is to treat and heal.


A fractured or broken tooth may or may not be painful but is at risk for breaking further or becoming infected. A treatment solution may be as simple as fixing the break with a filling or in some cases, a crown is required to replace the missing tooth structure and prevent further fracture.


If you have a dental emergency or any other questions, feel free to call Quest Dental. We are here to help!