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How To Get A White Smile Naturally

The question of how to get a whiter smile naturally is one that many people ask themselves. And it’s not just about aesthetics, but also for health reasons. A healthy and bright smile can make you seem more attractive and confident, which in turn allows others to see you as an authority figure or someone they should listen to. In this article, we at Quest Dental- Dentist Eugene Oregon will explore the different ways that help create a whiter and brighter smile without having to use harsh chemicals on your teeth.

  • The first thing to do is switch up your toothpaste and brush with a teeth-whitening formula. These formulas are designed to gently remove stains without the use of harsh abrasives or bleaching agents that can damage enamel and cause sensitivity, so it’s best to start here if you’ve never used an over-the-counter whitener before. Some brands offer fluoride as well, which will help strengthen your tooth enamel while also providing protection against cavities.
  • If brushing alone isn’t enough for you, then consider using other home remedies such as lemon juice mixed with baking soda on a damp cloth for 20 minutes at least twice daily. This type of treatment has been proven very effective in lightening the color of teeth by removing surface stains and mineral deposits.
  • Substitute sugary drinks with water or tea, which are less harmful to teeth than soda, energy drinks, coffee (black), citrus juices, etcetera. Chew sugarless gum after eating acidic foods such as oranges or, if possible, avoid them altogether until evening time, so they don’t harm your teeth.
  • Another home remedy is a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and salt in the water, which can be applied directly to the teeth with cotton swabs for about 15 minutes at least twice daily. Additionally, there are many natural remedies that you can make at home to lighten teeth. A few examples include lemon juice and milk mixed in a container of water; honey diluted with warm water until it turns into a syrup-like consistency; or sugar paste made by combining white flour, salt, and boiling water. All of these methods should be applied directly to the teeth for 20 minutes at least twice daily.
  • You may also want to try these methods in combination with each other for the best results! For example, alternate between the lemon juice/milk treatment and brushing your teeth with baking soda mixed into toothpaste for 15 minutes every night before bedtime. This type of routine should result in whiter teeth within one week for most people, but it is important not to brush too hard during this process as this can cause damage to the enamel.
  • There are also teeth whitening kits available at your local drug store that can be applied to the tooth enamel and left on for about 15 minutes. These types of treatments, like home remedies, will remove surface stains without the use of harsh chemicals or abrasives.
  • A final, quick tip is to use strawberries which contain malic acid that can remove stains on teeth. Crush up some fresh fruit and rub it onto your toothbrush bristles before brushing in an upwards motion with circular motions for two minutes each session. This natural remedy will have you sporting a smile as white as snow!

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