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Patient Safety Amidst COVID-19 (UPDATED 4/17/2020)

Because of the COVID-19 crisis and because of state-wide mandates, we are now closed for all services except for urgent procedures. We ask for your patience and understanding and promise the same in return. We are all in this together and pledge to treat you like we would treat our own families. Your oral and whole-body health remain our primary reason for existing. Thank you for your continued confidence in the cleanliness and quality of our facility and care.

We are all in this together and pledge to treat you like we would treat our own families.

Our universal precautions and infection control measures remain in place as a barrier to this and all such communicable diseases. In addition to these however, extra precautions will be taken in our office during the coming weeks and months. They may prove at times inconvenient, but they will also ensure that we are able to continue serving your dental needs for as long as possible throughout this international crisis.

Our Safety Protocol

The following have been recommended by the CDC and/or American Dental Association. We ask for your cooperation and help with the following:

  • Please arrive on time, but not too early for your appointments. We wish to minimize the number of people in our waiting area at any given time. If you do arrive early, please check in with our front desk. We will seat you immediately if at all possible. If some waiting is necessary, we ask you to consider waiting in your vehicle. We can text your mobile phone when we are fully ready to seat you for your appointment.
  • We have removed all magazines, children’s books, and beverages from our waiting area so as to minimize sources of transmission. We remain committed to your comfort however, and are happy to provide these items to you upon request.
  • We have also removed both the adult and children’s prize boxes for the same reasons as above. We know many of our patients love these little bonuses, and again, are happy to give prizes upon request. Please don’t hesitate to ask.
  • Take comfort in knowing that we are rigorously sanitizing all frequently-contacted surfaces (counter tops, pens, electronic signature pads, door handles, arm-rests, etc.) on an hourly and/or per use basis.
  • We ask that our patients practice thorough hand hygiene upon entering the clinic and upon leaving the procedure rooms. Hand sanitizer and hand-wash stations can be found in many places throughout the clinic.
  • Please avoid touching your face or mouth whenever possible. Whenever this is unavoidable, please clean your hands as soon as possible thereafter.
  • Instead of offering a warm hand-shake, we hope you’ll accept from us a smile and the occasional elbow bump as a replacement greeting.
  • Please remember that mobile devices frequently harbor many germs. If you need to use yours, please clean your hands once you are done.
  • Please do not bring any family members or friends to appointments who do not absolutely need to accompany you. Be especially mindful of small children, whose hands often end up on the floor. We love children, but if you can avoid bringing yours, please do.
  • At the start of your visit, we may ask questions about recent travel, and we may record your temperature. Please forgive us this intrusion, and realize it comes from a place of care and concern.
  • We may soon begin asking every patient to use a hydrogen-peroxide-based mouth rinse before beginning a dental procedure. If you have concerns about this, please let us know.

Again, we thank you for your cooperation and continued trust in us. We will continue to do everything possible to maintain that trust. Especially in today’s changing environment, with so much unknown on the horizon, we feel that every day is a gift, and that each appointment with you is an immeasurable privilege.
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Steffen Lassen, DDS
Henry Quest, DMD
Nikki Gray, Practice Manager
And the whole Quest Dental Team

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